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Pirate Proxy actively monitors best Pirate Bay proxies on the internet to bring you the latest TPB mirror list! This way you are certain that ISP block of Pirate Bay can be bypassed.

The Pirate Bay is one of the most popular torrent websites on the internet since 2003. Although it’s very resilient to censorship and copyright agencies, there are times that Pirate Bay is offline or it’s domain blocked by local internet providers.

This is the case in USA or UK and some European countries. The goal of this TPB (short for The Pirate Bay) blockades is to block torrent usage and reduce online piracy altogether.

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Censorship agenda didn’t manage to reduce torrent usage since there are hundreds of Pirate Bay Proxy websites all around the world that allow access to Pirate Bay content.

Pirate Proxy - The Pirate Bay Mirror
Original “The Pirate Bay” logo on the left, and famous “The Hydra Bay” on the right. Hydra Bay logo represents TPB resilience and list of different domains Pirate Bay once used.

Pirate Proxy is reliable mirror list of The Pirate Bay proxies

One of the most important things is that you understand all terminology around TPB proxies so you can make an informed decision which proxy to use and what makes a difference in this internet sea of multiple websites that seemingly present the same stuff.

This is the reason we opened Pirate Proxy Blog that will feature articles about most important topics surrounding Pirate Bay Proxy lists or for short “TPB mirrors”.

Here are some topics for our future blog articles.

Pirate Bay Proxy – Official Mirrors

Our first topic are (now defunct) official TPB mirrors known as Hydra Bay and a bit of history trivia with simple introduction to domains and servers.
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What is Pirate Bay Proxy?

Detailed explanation on every aspect related to TPB proxies. From domains and servers to speed, mobile optimisation and similar technological topics.
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Why is Pirate Proxy important?

Importance of proxies in censorship era. We will explain what is downtime, ISP blockage, domain change issues and Google de-indexing.

Speed of TPB proxies

One very important, but often neglected aspect of proxies is website speed on multiple devices and from geographic location (country/continent).

The Pirate Bay on TOR (darknet)

Not a lot of people are aware that TPB exists both on whitenet and darknet. We will explain what is TOR and why is important from privacy aspects.

Pirate Bay history

TPB has been around since 2003, but there have been many ups and downs through it’s history. 17 years of existence is a period worth writing about.

What is “The Pirate Bay”

It’s always assumed that everybody know about Pirate Bay, but that is not the case. There are always newcomers to torrent scene, and we believe it’s important to cover this topic also.

Can proxy sites be banned?

If TPB can be blocked or banned, why is that not a case with proxy sites? We will cover that answer in this future article.

Miners on proxies

What are miners and why there is mention of miners in TPB proxy lists? Answer to this question and related information is important for safe surfing through mirror sites.

Malware on proxies

A lot of newcomers are afraid their computers might get viruses or trojans while using proxies. While that may be true in some cases, it’s important to understand why and how could someone get malware from mirror sites.

Pirate Proxy reviews

This will be a separate article category which will feature reviews of most popular TPB proxy sites through multiple ranking categories for easier decision on which proxy to use.

We hope that this intro helped you, at least on some level, to understand and get acquainted to topic of Pirate Bay Proxy lists.