What is Pirate Proxy?

Pirate Proxy

Let’s dive in into the topic of “What is Pirate Proxy?”. Important thing to know is that proxy of any kind is a mirror site of the original website. Difference between proxy and original website in most cases is just domain (website address). But can be a lots of other things, from some part of content to design or other functionalities.

A proper Pirate Bay proxy website, in terms of it’s content, is never different to original TPB. Of course, there can be some minor time difference in content freshness. But it’s never more that hour or two. You are waiting for new episode of your favourite series to show up on Pirate Bay? Then you might wait a bit longer on some proxy websites.

In Pirate Bay history, there have been many occasions when it’s was offline for different reasons. From domain seizure and server issues to other technological issues.

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Even high traffic can sometimes bring TPB down. That’s why many torrent and file-sharing enthusiasts took another route to help out TPB. They started to create multiple Pirate Proxies or Pirate Bay mirror sites.

Important thing to mention is that Pirate Bay doesn’t just host copyrighted content in form of torrents. TPB also hosts dozens of thousands of legitimate torrents. For example, this content includes music albums or movies from Indy (independent) authors and open source software like operating systems (Linux, UNIX, Android etc.). It also hosts a huge database of public domain content. For example, old books or written material in e-book format that you can’t get anywhere else.

After this introduction, let’s explain what is Pirate Bay Proxy.

Pirate Proxy is just an alternative way to access TPB and all of it’s content on the internet. When PirateBay domain is blocked, proxy or mirror site allows you to access it. Mostly by using different server IP address and more importantly, a different domain which is not on the block list of you ISP.

Pirate Bay is most popular piracy/torrent website on the internet. That’s why most countries are very determined to block it. They are trying to stop, or at least slow down online piracy.

However, because of many Pirate Proxy websites, traffic hasn’t been stopped or even reduced at all yet.